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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let me xpress my thoughts bout something.Wad i tink Qi En has posted ,is,right.As a class,i tink,(no offence)"We,r not united enough..."Really,U see the other classes,they r like always wif each other.smiles r on their faces wheneva they r tgt.I tink,we shld stop fightin,stop all the name callins.Pls,i dun want the other classes 2 talk bout us.I noe veri well tat some of ur hav already tried ur best 2 keep peace,harmony,I appreciate ur effort.Whereas for the rest,there's stil room 4 improvement.Come on,guyz,I believe ur can do it.I juz noe ur will.There r activities like projects,enrichment programmes,ccas...these activities can let us build a closer bond wif one another as classmates,friends,pals....we must olso prove 2 TingFang tat she has made the rite choice 2 b our IC.Honestly,I am REALLY happy tat i m in tis class.101 is filled wif 40 other ppl.Each and every single 1 of ur come from different skool,I must admit,I need mor time 2 noe mor bout ur all.I'm sure ur feel the same way rite?:)U ppl 2 me,each of ur,r UnIqUe.Even if only 1 of ur are not wif us,the other 40 r not enough 2 make up 101's class spirit.I luv 101,no matter wad happens,ur all r still my classm8z.I tink,tat's all i hav 2 sae.I hope wad i typed has not offended anybodi.I dun mean 2,even if u feel tis way.Like i said,I m juz tryin 2 express my thoughts.:)Startin from 2mr onwards,lets be mor united,kay?2mr'll b a new beginin,a new chance 2 prove 2 other classes tat we r UnItEd~WOOTZ~Oh ya,I hope u ppl would 4giv Qi En 4 wad she did,kay?Remember,we r UniTeD...well,tat's all i gotta say.C ya;D