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Friday, March 13, 2009

Here for an exciting Report on today's match of Floorball!!!
101, Girls team one , two and Boys team 1, 2 with their
HOT Red House shirts and brandishing their (hockey?) sticks
went up against other classes of BPGH...

Boys Team One, Went up against 105 in the 1st match.
Keeper, Mark Sim.
The ball started rolling in favour of 101, and the boys played wildly.
Minutes passed before 101 Scored the 1st goal.
Then the ball started rolling again.
Then game dragged on, 101 victory was ensured.
10 minutes later, Team one went up against 06.
1st score by 101 yet again.
Minutes later, 106 scored.
As fouled on the match, Jamien, ME, took a free shot.
Even though the goal post was closely guarded, he Scored.
Odds was against him, the ball even though went in the post,
the referee was not looking that time.
So the ball was not counted, which resulted in a penalty shootout
as the game dragged on with the score of 1-1.
Penalty shootout taken by Ryan and Mark, 101 victory was ensured.
Break for an hour before coming up with 102 team 1.
The formidable team of 01 won with a score of 1-0
Another break again and 01 came up with 103 Boys team 2.
1st goal by 03.2nd 01.
3rd is scored yet again by 03.
Till a penalty is given to 01 for a foul and Ryan takes it.
he misses but Jamien from the side served the ball in the goal posts, In between the keeper's legs and tied the match.
Penalty Shootout ensued.
It was Aggressive, But 03 finally clinched it.
Well, that's for Boys team 1 .
The rest i do not really know. Maybe someone come up and post?
All in all, 01's, CONQUERED!!!