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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello my beloved 01-teds.

I'm Adora.

I'm here to promote the sales of the girls guide cookies. I will be taking orders until next week. You do not need to make any payment if you are interested until about 2 months later, when the cookies are brought into bpghs.

I hope you can purchase some tins of cookies as they are...
1) delicious (I bought them every year since I was in pri 1)
2) the cookie tin has a new design with the theme: YOG
3) making you have a chance to raise funds for the girls guide.

Here's some information I got from the girls guide website:

For the 6th to 10th tin sold on a per person basis, the commission will be 50 cents per tin. For the 11th tin onwards, the commission will be $1.00 per tin. In other words, the more you and your girls sell the more you will earn for your unit! Please note that commissions will be paid out to a company only when a minimum of $10.00 is earned in aggregate for administrative reasons.

The three flavours of Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Crunch will each retail for $10, inclusive of GST. This is in response to feedback to facilitate collection of monies. The new Chocolate Crunch flavour will have 12 packets of cookies wrapped in foil, with each packet holding two cookies. The former macadamia nut flavour is no longer available as the manufacturer is not able to get a reliable supplier of the ingredients for the flavour.

The new set of 3 tin designs showcase the creative abilities of our Guides and Brownies as expressed in our recent cookie tin design competition. The new designs have been jointly created with Draftfcb Singapore Pte Ltd, a marketing communications agency. The new tins come in attractive and eye-catching colours. The tins communicate the values of, Friendship, Excellence and Respect in conjunction with the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympics in 2010, values which Girl Guides actively promotes. The tins also celebrate the 100 years of Girl Guiding.

$10 per tin
mint; choc cream; choc crunch

Please buy some cookies. :D