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Friday, July 2, 2010
Cheering competition cheers.

Hey Babes/hunks. :D
So there's the cheering competition on tuesday, So I finally putting in a lil effort to type the cheers out. Please do learn it, so that we won't disgrace ourselves and our class! :D

First cheer : BP BAY.
*wu zhong
We are proud to be from BP.
(from BP)
We shall win
We shall score
BP, BP, you are no.1

We shall fight on
We shall strive on
Cos the future is in our hands
(in our hands)
We can't lose out
We can't give up
Cos we are all Bpians
(all Bpians)

Second cheer : Class cheer 1
Hey 01, hey 01, hey hey, hey 01 -TEAM ONE
Wazzup, wazzup, wa wa, wazzup -TEAM TWO
Hey 01, hey 01, hey hey, hey 01-TEAM ONE
Oh yea, oh yea, oh oh, oh yea - TEAM TWO

What are they for?
Absolutely nothing
Even if they did it
It still means nothing
Sua! ~

Third cheer:Makan cheer
Oi Oi (Claps 2x)
Super super (Claps 2x)
OI super ( claps 2x )
Super oi ( claps 2x)
Chikalaka pia pia (2x)
Sua ( clap x4)
sua (clap x4 )
sua (clap x4)
xi shua shua (x3)
Act cute!
Xi shua shua (x3)

Fourth cheer: World cup lah babe!
Oh one oh one eh aye eh,
oh one oh one eh aye eh,
It's time for 201! :D

Fifth cheer : Bp cheer
I"m lazy to type out, i guess you guys know.
Just a minor change to the last part :
If they charge, oi!
we will barge, oi!
so we say, oi!
all the way, oi!
yea (clap)
yea ( clap clap)
yea (clap)
yea ( clap clap )
BP! :D

Okay, so do learn the cheers. and I hope tmr's carnival will be a sucess for our class. Lastly, happy holidays on monday in celebration of youth day! :D