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Monday, July 26, 2010

Yo! Welcome to the relived blog!

You guys like the 50th anniversary??? I did though I didn't go for the dinner! Did you guys spot me at the parade? :)

Anyone got shocked when you saw Ms Ng in tears today? I was at a lost for words man! :D

Anyway, catch me live on TV on NDP 2010! Don't forget! :)

- Adora :D

Friday, July 2, 2010
Cheering competition cheers.

Hey Babes/hunks. :D
So there's the cheering competition on tuesday, So I finally putting in a lil effort to type the cheers out. Please do learn it, so that we won't disgrace ourselves and our class! :D

First cheer : BP BAY.
*wu zhong
We are proud to be from BP.
(from BP)
We shall win
We shall score
BP, BP, you are no.1

We shall fight on
We shall strive on
Cos the future is in our hands
(in our hands)
We can't lose out
We can't give up
Cos we are all Bpians
(all Bpians)

Second cheer : Class cheer 1
Hey 01, hey 01, hey hey, hey 01 -TEAM ONE
Wazzup, wazzup, wa wa, wazzup -TEAM TWO
Hey 01, hey 01, hey hey, hey 01-TEAM ONE
Oh yea, oh yea, oh oh, oh yea - TEAM TWO

What are they for?
Absolutely nothing
Even if they did it
It still means nothing
Sua! ~

Third cheer:Makan cheer
Oi Oi (Claps 2x)
Super super (Claps 2x)
OI super ( claps 2x )
Super oi ( claps 2x)
Chikalaka pia pia (2x)
Sua ( clap x4)
sua (clap x4 )
sua (clap x4)
xi shua shua (x3)
Act cute!
Xi shua shua (x3)

Fourth cheer: World cup lah babe!
Oh one oh one eh aye eh,
oh one oh one eh aye eh,
It's time for 201! :D

Fifth cheer : Bp cheer
I"m lazy to type out, i guess you guys know.
Just a minor change to the last part :
If they charge, oi!
we will barge, oi!
so we say, oi!
all the way, oi!
yea (clap)
yea ( clap clap)
yea (clap)
yea ( clap clap )
BP! :D

Okay, so do learn the cheers. and I hope tmr's carnival will be a sucess for our class. Lastly, happy holidays on monday in celebration of youth day! :D


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lim Han Quan - 8th

Cleon Kho - 12th
Teo Jia Jun - 28th
Ng Boon Heng - 3rd

Darren Kong - 13th
Ryan - 11th
Lim Yu Jing - 3rd
Kenneth Ng - 2oth

Lee Ying Hui - 11th
Lim Jing Jie - 22nd
Dominic - 2nd

Lim Lai Hui - 1st
Clara Chan - 1st
Zhou Zhi - 20th

Jamien Ng - 25th

Mark Sim - 29th
Ang Chee Meng - 5th
Eric Lim - 25th
Corliss Tan - 2nd
Shoon Jun Hui - 8th

Joan Low- 6th
Xu Zhuo - 16th
Lim Pin Xiu - 6th

Kalena Lim - 27th
Jervis Ho - 19th
Edwin Per - 21st
Adora Tan - 13th

Mao Xuan - 13th
Spencer Hsu - 29th

Cheston Mak - 7th
Tan Fu Liang - 20th
Teh Wei Qi - 18th

Qi En - 2nd

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Does this remind you of someone who keeps laughing? Non-stop? Annoying? Can you survive this? No?

Enjoy the melodious laughter! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


So long since i last posted. ah well.
So umm. since now we are in sec 2 now we could design a class tee before
sec 2 camp and cheering competition ??
Any upcoming good designers keen to design just do it la.
You could post it here or find someone to post it here.
ah well, i too lazy design anyway =D

So hope some of your artists like Lisa , Or Han Quan, or even Agnes could do their part lor =D
So.. yea.. i know last year's one was a flop but we'll make one this year aye?
so come on come on 01's! Brainstorm together!! =D

Introducing theme song for WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2010!!
Hero - Skillet.
And Timbaland and JoJo singles
Losing control!

P.S. I want chalet!~


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heyhey !

Came across these pictures on FB . :D

Randomness Rule.~ :D


Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey guys! Short post here!
HAHA first day of school how's everyone coping?
I know some not happy right...
Like me mar:D
Anyway, let's all work hard this year yea?
Remember to bring your math stuffs and tmr have check again!
Argh so just cross your fingers and hope nothing happens to you!:D